Hi all, Very interesting threads on this board, i love it!

Heres a problem i have enountered. Maybe someone can resolve it for me faster than i cen find the answer myself if at all.

I posted last week about having to create catagories for my contacts as the PPC6600 does not support multiple contact folders (too bad really).

So anyways, I created the catagories so I may separate business, friends and family.

In the 6600 I can now open the catagory and choose the names in it while writting an email. This of course is usefull when I send a message to all of my business partners, and not ALL people in my contact list.

So far so good right ?

In Outlook, I can't see how I can write am email, and choose from a catagory list. When writting the email, there is a TO: feild. click it and all you get in the contacts list. thats it.

Is there a way to choose the people in a particular catagory in OUTLOOK ? or no ?

It seems that the 6600 does one thing and OUTLOOK does something else!

this is driving me crazy!