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    WIll my phone work in UK

    I am 99% sure my XV6600 with Verizon will not work but I wanted to see if there were any tricks.

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    It depend on what you mean by "work". With power adapters you should be able to charge the battery. The phone should turn on and you should be able to access all pda functions in the UK. You can not make any phone calls with it... however, you can buy/rent a bluetooth GSM phone whilst there and connect to the internet via bluetooth. So technically many aspects of the XV6600 work well in the UK... some don't.

    Good luck.
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    Solution #1

    Don't rent a GSM phone. Buy a cheap GSM phone and a Virgin mobile SIM.

    For a good roaming phone that can be had cheaply, look at a Nokia 6310i. It is a solid performer that is a couple of years old. It has GPRS and bluetooth and can be purchased off e-bay cheaply.

    The other roaming phone that I have in my arsenal is a Motorola c975 which is a WCDMA+GSM triband. It gives you GPRS and UMTS coverage. I have not found a unit that has GPRS/Edge/ and Roaming. 3 in the UK sells the phone for about one hundred dollars simlocked to their network. GSMLiiberty has an unlocking solution for the phone, however. 3's UMTs network is 3g compatible in speed, but on prepaid, this can get pricey.

    Solution #2

    Take a Wi-Fi card and use hotspots. Starbucks are T-Mobile hotspots. Last time I was there, a US T-Mobile account worked without roaming charges there.

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