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    Restore Question...Need Help

    Hello all,
    I had to do a hard reset today for some Verizon troubleshooting. I backed up the device but when I restore the info I get a message stating this:

    "Restore could not copy the following files to the device. To correct this error close any programs on your device that may have these files locked and then press Retry. You may choose to skip these files, however, they will not be correctly restored on your device. "

    there are a bunch of files in the list that can not be restored, includeing my tast, appointments, and contracts.

    I checked and made sure that all programs are closed except for active sync.

    I dont know what else to try, please help


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    just skip them and use permanent save to restore your contacts, appts, tasks, etc
    XV6800, Aliph Jawbone

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