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    Question Pinout for XV6600 vs. iPAQ

    Does anyone know about the pinout of the XV6600 vs. the iPAQ (3950)? I use an aviation navigation system on my iPAQ, but want to use my XV6600 instead.

    The only thing standing in the way is the connector on the bottom of the XV6600 which isn't the same as the iPAQ. It fits fine, but doesn't work. This is why iPAQ chargers, cables, etc don't work...I'm guessing.

    Any ideas? Should normal iPAQ cables work?

    Please email suggestions to jeff.simon@salesapproach.com

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    Hey Jeff,
    That topic is discussed here:

    660x - WARNING - Don't use iPAQ cables

    Hope this answers your question.


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    VX 6600 for aviation

    Hey FlyGrumman, I'm also using my iPaq for Anywhere Map (in a Tiger ) and was wondering if you figured out how to use your VX6600 for GPS nav in the plane?

    I have the Tracker unit for my iPaq and the cable seems to match up to the 6600, but I've been afraid to try it - didn't want to fry anything.

    Have you had any luck? Thanks!

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