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    Data use minutes?

    I've been reading, and I am getting mixed info.. I am going to get the XV6600 with the PDA Voice & Data Bundle... EVDO and all of the Verizon stuff is new to me.. I currently have T-Mobile and unlimited really means unlimited and while using GPRS, I do not get charged.. They even tell you how to connect your phone/pDA to your laptop to use the service.. I will use the 6600 with my laptop only as a backup to my high speed internet at home, or if I go out of town, which is maybe a couple times a year.. Will I be charged minutes for data usage for eaither EVDO or the slower 1x? I don't trust anyone at Verizon to tell me the truth.. So I turn to everyone here.. Thanks!!
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    You will be charged for data. There is no minute-use plan for the XV6600.

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    Verizon's $45 a month unlimited data plan is really unlimited. Your other option is 10MB for $25 a month (though i believe that will soon become 30MB), or 5MB per month for free, though you have to call and ask for that. You will be charged on a per-KB basis when you go over on everything but the unlimited plan. The good news is, the unlimited plan includes EVDO, and data usage does not count against your voice minutes. As for using your 6600 as a laptop modem, go to <a href="http://www.myehud.com">Ehud's website</a> for instructions on how to do this. Follow them to the letter, and you can be surfing the net at EVDO speeds on your laptop in no time
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