I’m looking for some help here either in terms of suggestions or possibly a referral to another listserv, group, etc. that might be more appropriate.

I’ve lost the ability to connect via USB to my notebook. My notebook is running XP home (and yes Ehud, I know it is not a “real operating system”). The problem is in my notebook. I cannot connect to dialup or anything else that requires a DUN. I can connect via my wife’s machine. I lost the ability to make these connections only recently. I temporarily switched my connection back to my old Sprint data card and that did not work either.

My machine drives all the lights and everything appears to work correctly, but I pull a 720 error repeatedly and cannot connect to the network. The hardware appears to work fine.

I suspect (but am not positive) that the problem is associated with my Remote Access Connection Manager. The error corresponds to it and I have problems starting and stopping it.

Following several tips on other listservs, I have confirmed that the RasMan registry subkey is set to local system under Objectname and deleted the following keys:


Prior to this happening, I deleted the Sprint driver for the modem and replaced it with the Harrier driver. Again, all the hardware appears to work fine, and am at loss what else to try.

I’m on the verge of doing a reformat which means a week’s worth of work and it will be several months until everything is perfect. Again, I recognize that this post might be regarded as “off topic” by some, but I am at wits’ end and am looking for any help someone can give me even in terms of a referral.