Can someone who has installed the 2.03 ROM update with WMP 10 in their xv 6600 confirm whether they can click on the video links at CNN, Yahoo! News, and NPR and view the streaming video?

First, I have read Microsoft’s promo and marketing (, but I’d still like some empirical data.

Second, I have searched the forums and found only a few general comments as to WMP 10’s ability to play streaming video from websites. For example, one poster said “I don't see anything useful other then a cheap front-end on top of the existing (crappy and not that really useful) WMP9.” In addition, Merkman said WMP 10 wouldn’t play media clips on his network using the Socket SDIO card, but did play on Sprint’s dial up. As a side note to Merkman’s comment, I have also found that playing some streaming videos in WMP 9 at a slower speed works while trying to play them at a faster speed produces the “WMP cannot play this file” message. For example, offers some of the same streaming videos at 2 different playback speeds (e.g., 100K and 300K) and the slower speed will sometimes work even when the faster speed won’t. FTR, I have EV-DO.