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    Question Can't get EVDO to work, please help

    I have had my vx6600 for a few months now with no real problems. We do not have EVDO were I live so I have 1X data speed at home. I recently took the kids to Orlando and my phone showed EV but when I tried to sync to download my emails from home or just get on the net it would not work and say my user name and password did not match. Once it get into an area with 1X data speed it works fine. I emailed verizon web site and there suggestion was to call *229 and upgrade the phones roaming info. I did this and just recently was in Orlando again(my kids love Mickey) and again I was unable to sync with my home computer or get on web-it said same thing-my user name and password did not match. As soon as I got back into a 1X data area it worked fine. Anyone have an idea as to what is wrong and what I can do. thanks scott

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    Same here

    My experience is the same as yours. In Madison, WI on VZW the 6600 would indicate EVDO, but the network would not acknowledge my username/password. I have the most recent EVDO PRL, but I obliged the data people with *228 option 1, *22899, and a hard reset, all to no avail. Outside the EVDO area, absolutely no problems. I do not know how to intentionally force the device down to 1xRtt, so I had zero data connection. Very frustrating.

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    Call VZW data 866-788-9387. They can set the flags on your account to allow for EVDO access.

    Bob Duckworth

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    Bob is right. If your home area is not EVDO they sometimes don't set the flags right. What you need to do is call data support from a *DIFFERENT* phone and tell them what happened, and ask them to "provision" the line for EVDO because you travel to EVDO enabled areas. They will do it while you wait and ask you to test it (assuming you are in an enhanced area at the time). Happened to me traveling from Daytona to Orlando. Regular customer service won't know what you are talking about, but the guys in data tech support will.
    Charles Mims

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