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    What blue tooth version ?

    What bluetooth version is our phones ?

    Mine is a verizon branded xv600 W/C:
    ROM Version: 2.03.00
    ROM Date: 12/15/04
    Radio Version: HA01_140
    Protocol Version: AA3.3.301
    PRL version: 50318
    ExtROM version: 1.35.113 WWE
    Hardware Version: 36075706

    I ask because I bought a USB Bluetooth Dongle for my PC here at work and am trying to connect to it with my xv6600. Using my PC as a LAN access point.

    But neither the PC nor the xv6600 see each other.

    The USB BT Dongle says that it V1.2 Class 1 but is compatible with BT V1.1

    The dongle is a IVT using BlueSoleil software.

    Granted the xv6600 is not on the 100% certified tested list for this software, but I thought I'd atleast get something.

    It looks like all their tech support is overseas, so I figured I'd ask here first. Hopefully its only a DUH issue on my part.

    Anyone got any ideas ?

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    I called Audiovox on this one. They told me it was v1.0

    I have a Jabra BT800 Bluetooth Headset that's pretty cool, but to get the most out of it, I need BT v1.2

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