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    I like BIG BUTTONS and i dont lie!

    hey guys...

    I would love to get bigger buttons on my device. the size on the phone dialer, recent calls and most WMP10 skins is just fine... however, trying to navigate the contact list, the library/playlist from wmp10 and other areas is much too small for my big fingers (particularly in the car when I have the phone mounted by the dash, and I am trying to change the music playlist)

    any help you guys can offer?

    help keep me safe on the road!!


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    if the EXE/DLL file containing what you want to edit isnt stored in ROM, you can use reshacker (google for it) to edit the file and change the form.

    unfortunatly, WMP&Contacts are in ROM but it could work on other apps

    i did one for remote display control 'cause i got tired of removing the stylus while it was in the crade just so i could tap twice, then use my mouse.
    Remote Display Control Hack
    Create DialPad Skins for your 6600 with SkinGen

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