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    I've been running with no case over the winter and just keeping the phone in my shirt pocket with e-grips and screen protector.

    I can hear it and get it out quick with no excess weight and it's holding up good.

    But now summer time, I wear golf shirts with no pockets.

    I tried a golf shirt with a pocket and I felt like an old lady with a saggy boob.

    I tried carrying it in my front pocket with screen facing my leg. Well I carry keys, wallet and phone and I don't want to sit on any of them. The phone also gets sweaty on steamy days.

    So it's time for turning up the geek notch and wear it on my hip.

    I don't use a belt, usually bluejeans. Will the clip dig in hanging it over the edge of my jeans? Can I use the belt loop on jeans and the steel loop on some of these cases or will it swing around too much.

    I'm not concerned about protecting the phone with armor.

    I was thinking of the Brand called "The Holster" or the EBCase.
    I had bought an EBCase with no clip. So I'd have to order another.

    I don't use the keyboard.

    Thanks for any tips.

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    If you are not using a 3550mAh battery, the right Brando clip (like the one that came with my case) will let you slide a belt through it OR clip it onto things. I tried a Krusell clip with my Dynamic and was not nearly as pleased with the results (I had to switch to the swivel clip on my Krusell).

    I wish the Brando would have fit with the big extended battery, but alas it will not. It seems that the Brando shipped with a few different kinds of clips, and I was a very lucky one to get a really good type.
    Just switched from PPC6700 to AT&T Tilt.

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