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    ESN problem please help

    Hey Everyone,

    I Bought my PPC6600 on ebay thinking it was safe since it was "sealed and unopened" As you can probably guess when I tried to activate it through Sprint they said the ESN was already in use. Of course the seller is long gone and Sprint is as helpfull as a rubber crutch.. anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance


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    Check your PM.

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    The ESN is bound to the sprint account. if its "in use" then there is a account its tied to.

    Sprint has every ESN that there network will accept since there provisioning tool uses it to connect the phone to the subscription.

    If its inuse it may be because the phone was lost or stolen, or the previous account owner owes sprint a bill.

    sprint will not release a esn due to bills nor would they for lost or stolen phones.

    what you can do is go into a sprint store with two forms of ID take the phone in with you. they will typically ask for the phone and pass it off to there fraud investigations team.

    usally with in 2-4 buissness days they will contact you and tell you whats up.

    even if you us the MSL 282755 and program in your MDM and MSID you would not be able to recive phone calls on the phone, you could make them but you would have to use your current handset to recive them. this might also get your current account suspended for fraud.

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    Originally posted by xyberviri
    ...even if you us the MSL 282755 and program...
    their is no universal msl on sprint -that msl is just for your phone. it does nothing on other phones.
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    I'm having the same problems

    The seller is still around, but isn't very responsive, I kinda of feel bad, because I have been reaming indian ladies since I've gotten this phone, and I have even been more vocal due to him calling up and saying to deactivate it, etc.,.

    So once that happens, I've been escalating, and pretty vocal.

    One way or the other, I will have my phone working.


    and can you send me that PM you sent him, that would be great

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    Weird thing happened today when I went to exchange my PPC-6600 for another one - the brand new one they pulled out of the box could not be activated because Sprint said the ESN was already in use! I wonder if they're having a duplicate ESN problem, or something else is happening to cause the issue.

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    Well, it could be worse.

    This is what I got after purchasing a brand new Hitachi G1000:

    I bought this back when $549 for a G1000 was a bargain!

    It tooks weeks to get straightened out and I could not use the phone at all. I was never given a refund for the lost time either. Unreal.

    It started when someone in another state entered my ESN to activate their phone and went downhill from there.

    I was beginning to lose hope when someone with some balls at Sprint took care of it.

    Hang in there and don't give up!

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