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    Internet files and cookies to storage card

    I would like to have my cookies stored on my memory card so I would be "remembered" at sites I am registered at (here) after resets. It would also free up internal memory by moving the Temp Internet Files. The only thing I could find was this bit that HobbesIsReal posted in the Registry Hacks thread...

    Originally posted by maximum360
    I need one for storing my cookies, etc. on my storage card.

    Does this help:

    Store Temporary Internet Files on Storage Card
    Posted by Philippe Majerus on 02/02/2001

    This registry modification will move Pocket Internet Explorer Temporary Internet Files to the storage card.

    First, close Pocket Internet Explorer and move your "Temporary Internet Files\" folder and its subfolders from the "\Windows\" folder to the "\Storage Card\" folder.
    Browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache\Content\
    Change the "CachePath" value from "\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\" to "\Storage Card\Temporary Internet Files\".
    Then browse to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Internet Settings\Cache\Paths\
    Change the "Directory" value from "\Windows\Temporary Internet Files\" to "\Storage Card\Temporary Internet Files\".
    Browse to the Path1\, Path2\, Path3\ and Path4\ subkeys.
    For each of them, replace "\Windows\" with "\Storage Card\" in the "CachePath" value, make sure you keep the ending of the string.

    Remember this will make some problems if you remove the storage card to connect to the internet using a modem card !
    This will work for both Mobile Favorites and pages you see while online with the Pocket PC, the only problem is ActiveSync report that the Mobile Favorties are not syncronized while they are.
    I looked at the registry on both the Pocket PC and the desktop and sync dlls but couldn't find why ActiveSync doesn't see the content as syncronized.

    I don't know who found this first, it have been posted to several forums. I searched to registry to find every place that had to be modified for it to work correctly.

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    .....Now, the problem is that I do not have a cachepath value to change. The only thing that is there is CacheLimit. Am I supposed to add the CachePath as a string? Even then, isn't there a setting somewhere else that is performing this function right now?

    Since this was originally posted at the beginning of the year, I am assuming that things have changed with ROM upgrades and the like. I just wanted to see if anyone has done this recently and if it worked as it should.
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