I have the Gold Lantern bluetooth speakerphone.. Works great, never had any trouble out of it.. I've only used it with a 6315 and will be using it with my 6600 on monday.. It works fine while using it on a phone call and even works fine for audio over it as well.. I like to use it with my GPS software, and if there is a delay between GPS commands, the bluetooth connection goes to sleep and gives me problems when the next command is sent over and it tries to connect and send out that command.. What I've been doing to get around this problem is to loop a song in WMP and just set the audio so low in WMP that I cannot hear it and the bluetooth does not disconnect and all of my GPS commands come through loud and clear.. What I want to know is if there are speakerphone modules out there that will not make me have to use WMP to keep the connection alive?