I have Activesync working just fine over the cradle to my PPC-6600. When I first got my WLAN card I set it up to also over the network manually, and it worked fine too. I really didn't have any use for the network sync so I haven't been using it.

Now I DO have a use for the network sync, and it has stopped working in a strange way. It connects OK, and Activesync shows "Connected" as it looks for changes, etc. It churns for a LONG time, and finally pops up a dialog box saying:

"There was no response from your mobile device while checking for out-of-date Appointments.

Disconnect your device and try again. If the problem persists, reset your device according to your manufacturer's documentation and synchronize again."

If I remove the check from Calendar to prevent syncing that information, I get the message with the next type of information in line (Contacts, Tasks, etc). I can eventually get through a syncronization if I remove ALL the information types except the clock - not very useful.

I've deleted and re-established the partnership - no help. What really has me scratching my head is it was working before.

Anyone have any ideas that I can try to get this working again?