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    Bluetooth/Newb Questions

    Ok these questions may be really newb but since I am one thats ok.

    1. I have a logitech bluetooth keyboard/mouse/mediapad how do I get these to work with my ppc6600 do I need to install a "stack"?? Anyhelp on this one would be appreciated.

    2. How do I perform a hard reset?

    3. Does activesync backup my contacts and if so where would they be?

    4. Does the stereo headset (I think its by bluetake??) work with the ppc6600 and if so how well.

    5. Is there an app that I can use to add custom ringtones to my contacts that doesnt cost 15 bucks.

    6. Where is a good place to find skins for PPX?

    7. How well does the sdio wifi card by socket the e300 i think something like that anyway work?

    Thanks alot for the help

    OK Noone felt like replying I guess so ill answer a couple I figured out on my own.

    2. Hold power button and push reset button.

    3. Apparently you can only backup contacts if you have outlook which is really crap If anyone finds a way to do this without outlook let me know.

    5. Photocontacts 1.2 the free one which you can find on here works awesome

    Need some help with the rest please
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    1. search, it's been covered as well as where to get what you need
    2. answered yourself
    3. seach for "permanent save" or "sprite backup"
    4. search, ...
    5. answered yourself
    6. searc...
    7. sea...


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