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    It there a better wired(not bluetooth) headset out there?

    I love the headset that came with my sx66. It has great features. I agree with everyhting that cw6447 stated in this thread

    headset that comes with the sx66

    The problem is that it gets tangled too easily. It took only one month for it to get completely shorted out from getting tangled in my posket. Sony used to sell stereo headphones that wound up in a nice compact case. I have these and the adapter to use them, but I need something that:

    1. Is stereo
    2. Stores easily
    3. Has the microphone
    4. Preferably has the volume slider
    5. Made out of a higher gauge wire.

    I have looked at the one from boxwave and am not impressed. Has anyone found anythin like this!
    Always looking for more ways to spend the money that I don't have!

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