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    Power / sync adapter problem

    Something has happened to the "port" in my PPC-6601 so that I can't put any of my adapters into the phone to recharge or sync. It seems that something is on one side that stops any of the cables from making a complete connection. I've looked in there with high intensity lights and magnifiers and can't se what the problem is. I've tried my car charger, my OEM cradle and the charger I keep at my office. Same result with all three. Any ideas?

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    1. Backup all your data. This serves two purposes: a. if you replace your phone the data survives. b. if the battery runs out the data survives.

    2. Blow compressed air at it and see if that cures the problem.

    3. Coat the adapter with some substance (graphite?) which will show where it's NOT going on.. and let you figure out where to look deeper.


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