This information may be helpful for those of you who use your device during the evening, have a chat program such as Agile Messenger installed, and/or use the PDA as a Bluetooth modem.

After MONTHS of troubleshooting with Verizon, I finally learned that there is a preset inactivity timeout value set at Verizon to automatically disconnect the data connection between the Verizon modem and the phone if no data is passed for a certain amount of time. For example, you will lose connectivity with your chat host (MSN, Yahoo!, AIM) because the XV6600 will drop sync (be dormant) if no words are send between users for approximately a minute.

How does this impact someone using the phone?

Not having a constant connection with the Verizon modem means that the phone needs to redial each time data needs to be transferred (e.g., the phone is being used as a Bluetooth Modem, USB Modem through the cradle, or trying to use the phone for chat). It also means that the phone has to redial every time you try and read a screen in your browser.

Why does this happen? For two major reasons. First, Verizon wants to save bandwidth and not have a gazillion data devices connected to the network for no reason. Second, this feature is intended to help improve the battery life by not having constant 1's and 0's being sent/received by the phone.

Is there a workaround? Yep!

The easiest way to make sure that this problem never impacts your life is to verify that Wireless Sync's Push is enabled during all working hours or if you need the phone to remain connected to use as a Bluetooth modem or when chatting. Another workaround mentioned by the Verizon Wireless Data Support (VWDS) team was to send constant "pings" from the PC if the phone is being used as a Bluetooth modem.

Either way, I have spent 5+ months deal with this issues AND have received several phones from Verizon trying to figure out why the phone had to keep dialing over and over and over during the evenings. (Wireless's sync was set to go offline at 10:00pm)

I hope this helps someone avoid my frustrations!