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Thread: Verizon XV 6600

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    Question Verizon XV 6600

    i have had an iPAQ for about 4 years now, and i have a great Compaq portable keyboard for it. My girlfriend is looking at getting the Verizon XV 6600 and she would prefer to get a keyboard like i have, not a wireless bluetooth keyboard. if any of you know if there is a genereic keyboard or any keyboard would work on the xv6600, like the one i currently have, that'd be awesome. Thanks for the help guys!

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    The only other keyboard I've found that isn't bluetooth is a IR one made by stowaway.

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    Belkin makes an IR keyboard that works GREAT! I've use it for 3 different PDA's so far. I also have a Stowaway BT Keyboard that works good too!
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