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    Stereo Headset Adapter

    Does anyone know if the stereo headset adapter from my G1000 will work on the PPC-6600? I guess I could just put it in and see if it works, but I don't want to short anything out if it's the wrong one. I don't really see how it would be any different though. Shouldn't all 2.5 jacks use the exact same adapter to 3.5 stereo jacks?

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    yes, the same, you will be fine
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    I wrote this in an old thread from April, check it out:

    Hey guys,
    Just thought I would mention if you are having problems with your PPCtechs adapter and you guys like the retractable ones w/ microphone from PC-Mobile, the one designed for the Hitachi G1000 works great. I had one from my G1000, and I am now using it for tunes and speakerphone in the vehicle. Great Mic quality, true stereo out, no problems. Here is the link: http://pc-mobile.net/hitachi.htm Also, you will notice at the bottom of the page they also sell an audio adapter only. I have one of these also and they work great. The build quality is lots better than the ones from PPCtechs. The only problem is that it does disable the internal microphone and does not have a built in one on the adapter itself. If you just want a super rugged and well built adapter for headphone use, like at the gym or something, I definetely recomment this one. At $6.50, they are a great bargain. One last note in my ramble - If you or anyone you know has the original adapter that came with the Hitachi G1000, this works great also. It is an adapter that is just a plug to a jack in one mold, no wire connecting the plug and jack like the others to wear out. This one will NOT wear out at all. Maybe others knew this info, but just thought I would throw it out there.

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