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    The 'ol smtp blues

    So I've searched and searched and read and read...yet I still cannot send email on my XV6600. I have a Yahoo hosted website and tried to use their smtp server and it just don't work (receiving from pop server no problem).

    I read that I could upgrade the ROM to 2.03 and be able to enter a separate username/password for the smtp server. So I upgraded (and have the benefit of mp10 too!) to 2.03 which worked fine.

    Now, Verizon told me to use the vtext smtp server which is smtp.vzwmail.net and the userid=xxxxxxxxxx@vzwmail.net where x=my phone number and the password I got when I signed up on their vtext site. I used that in the new smtp username/pass fields. Still don't work.

    Any ideas? Any Verzon users out there doing this - Using the vtext smtp server for the outbound from poutlook on 2.03?

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    i used to use pop3 over poutlook using my pop3 providor, worked fine. if all else fails try webis.


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