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Thread: More LED woes.

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    More LED woes.

    Sorry if this has been posted a zillion times. I did a search and didn't find exactly the information I'm looking for... but it's always possible I missed something.

    I have two questions:

    1. Has anyone figured out a way to turn the Green LED off WITHOUT turning the Amber/Red LEDs off as well? I don't want the constant "Service" light, but I would still like to have the indicator that I've missed a call or have an e-mail without having to turn the device on.

    2. Has anyone else had a problem where once you do get a red light, it won't seem to go away? I'll get an e-mail, and the green light will turn red as it should. Then, once I've read the e-mail, the light won't go back to green! I have no Voicemail or other messages waiting, so I don't know what's going on. Usually, the only way to get it back to green is to go back to the "Notifications" setup, and make changes to the way I'm notified (turn the "indicator" option off then back on).

    Hopefully, someone can shed some light on these issues... or... no light... or... well... you know what I mean.


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    This is something that has bothered me as well: I hate that damn blinking light.

    1) no. There are some registry edits that can be made to turn the light off completely, but I have not yet seen one that just turns off the green portion alone. All or nothing apparently.

    2) This is an annoying problem that can actually be fixed easily. I find that if you just tap the area where the message indicator is (or EV or 1X) a few times with the stylus then the light will revert back to green.


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    In response to question 2, I've also found that sometimes I have to send myself a message ether through Email or SMS. That usually kills the red light for me, it's just a bit of a hasel...

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    Re: More LED woes.

    Originally posted by jt3
    once you do get a red light, it won't seem to go away?
    With any luck, the attached utility will help clear the red notification blinker.

    Just extract BlinkOff.exe from the ZIP file and copy it to a convenient location on your PDA. Then run the app to clear the red LED (it will revert back to blinking green to indicate service).

    It does the job, albeit not the most elegantly.
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