Hi, just wanted to know if any of you remember if there is way to get back the ability to use the speaker phone while pressing the green button during a call? I lost this feature when I installed the "BT3500_MAX_PDA2k" to get pocket player to work with a stereo BT headset. Pocket player will not work with any other drivers that I have tried accept with the one I mentioned.

I did do a search but unfortunately the search engine in most forums will bring up so many threads it's impossible to read them all. I read many for a few days but did not find my answer. Thanks for any help you can provide.

P.s it's a pity how people have to add "I did search." This keeps up and this forum will slow down with hits since most people seem afraid to post any questions they may have. With no NEW members this site will be boring to read. I came from aximsite.com and them guys are awsome and a good example of what a friendly forum should be like. Hope this dont offend anyone, just want to see this forum build a better reputation.