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    xv6600 Help (Stuck in loop)

    Hey Everyone,

    I have an Audiovox (Verizon Wireless) xv6600. Last night I was installing a few programs on it. Today, after leaving it in the cradle over night...the screen is bouncing back and forth from the "Verizon Wireless" welcome screen to the "Microsoft Windows Powered" screen (like when you do a soft reset)...over and over and over again. I have popped the battery off and done a handful of soft resets. Not working. I can't get the backlight to come on.

    The last thing that I remember seeing on the screen before it started going nuts was a screen saying that my memory was running low and it was asking me what program that I wanted to close to conserve memory. The Activesync program was listed as the only program on the screen. I then did a soft-reset and then the screen started doing what it's doing now. It's like it's stuck in a loop.

    I have a lot of programs on it that I was hoping to retrieve before I tried the hard reset...

    Any ideas to get it back to normal?

    Thanks in advance!

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    hit every key. a key may be stuck and causing the problem.

    also try a soft reset (with the reset pin).

    final thoght: cradle it. you have some period of time when it's "coming up" where the cradling works. use 'explorer" to remove the start items so nothng starts up.

    (feel free to use "search" if anything I've said is confusing. I am not subscribed to this or any forum.)

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