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    headset with "mic" in the earbud

    Does anyone know of a headset or earbud for the xv that contains the mic and speaker in the earpiece? Wired is preferred, over a bluetooth solution.

    I don't want an external mic. external noise makes having a mic seperate from the earbud had for people o hear me.

    Guess what I am looking for is something similar to what the CIA and SecService use. an "all-in-one" mic/earbud.

    Does such an animal exist?


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    Jabra used to make one but I don't see it on their website anymore. I think there was too much echo with the design because the mic was too close to the speaker.

    I know it doesn't help much but it does point to the fact that the all in one is probably not around anymore.


    If I might suggest - Try logitech with windstop. Its the best I found so far with noisy enviroments. I haven't tried the corded earpieces, but the BT headset with windstop worked very well in noisy enviroments.
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