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Thread: Memory leak???

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    Memory leak???


    recently i keep getting alert saying that there isnt enough memory for program.

    it is set at 60mb (storage) and 65mb (program)
    and 14mb free space(storage) and 40mb free space (program).

    why do i keep getting this message??

    when i go to setting and click "running programs", there are NONE running.

    following are programs that i have in my phone
    -pocket plus
    -pocket breeze
    -voice command
    -few games

    i deleted many programs, but it still give me message

    what am i doing wrong?


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    It looks like you have too much software going on. As I understand, and anyone jump in to keep me honest, Windows Mobile also uses Resource Memory in order to load start-up apps and associated files. So even though you may have enough program and storage memory, because of the software you installed, there may not be enough Resource Memory available in order to run your applications. I think that's pretty much the basics sans some technicalities.

    From my experiences, I had a terrible time gaining stability when installing PocketBreeze, MS Voice Command, and TomTom. Since the XV6600 doesn't truly support voice dialing, I got rid of MSVC and use SPB Diary instead of PocketBreeze. Along with a good amount of other apps, I currently have 44.96 free for Storage Memory, 43.31 free for Program memory, and 2.18 free in Storage...the system is fairly stable. The only hiccup I encounter now is immediately after a soft-reset, takes about 20 seconds for the buttons to become reactive. After that, smooth as silk.
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    search for "dll memory limit"

    get rid of voice command and pocket plus and you won't see that error again.


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