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    Angry AGRR!!!Again..As3.8 won't pull new messages

    Monday, did a hard-reset of Xv. Re-installed everything. It has been pulling email via OWA with no problems. Today, it is doing the same thing AS 3.8 logs in, but will not download the messages to the XV.

    my manual sync via OWA over the EVDO verizon network shows that I am logging into the owa box, and I can see the number of message increase in my inbox, 298, 299, 300. But the unit is not downloading these new messages.

    I have a SpriteBackup on my SD card done on 12/14. I did a restore "over" the exsiting config... Same problem, no new messages.

    I am going to RMA this POS back to verizon and use something that works in the meantime... a blackberry. We have a BES server so I would not be effected if there were a bb shut down. only hosted berry users would be effected.

    Suggestions.. I am at my wits end with this. Have good backups, but this is getting old, every 7 days?

    looks like my Sprite Restore of 12/14 does work. I am getting email again. My thoughts are there is something involved with email on the device that is getting corrupted. Anybody know what holds the "pointer files" on the xv in WM2003? Maybe my Rom/RAM whatever is going bad where the email pointer files are being stored.

    Still going to get Verizon to replace. Since we have 200+ phones with them, it won't problem getting a replacement with a less than accurate explaination as to why need new hardware.

    See topic AS3.8 new Msg Dwnld solved..almost.

    Seems that Outlook 2003 must be running for my Xv to download new messages. Async 3.8 isn't setup that way. I removed As 3.8 from the pc and I still need Outlook 2003 up and running for the XV to download new messages...without the cradle!. arrrgghhh!

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