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    Unhappy EVDO running at 1xRTT speeds!

    I've just upgraded in the past few weeks from a Samsung i700 to the Verizon XV6600 (with camera) but - despite all the hype about EVDO - the XV6600's EVDO connection runs no faster than the i700's 1XRTT connection.

    I know it can fall back to 1XRTT, but it doesn't say it has - it says it's connected to EVDO, and shows the "EV" icon at the top of the screen, but the speeds are in the 50-80 kbps range for email and only slightly over 100kb for web pages. (I use spb's GPRS Monitor to check the speed.) This is in the Boston area, with strong signals!

    Is there something I should be tweaking to get it to run faster? The only thing faster about the XV6600 is in program loads!
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    just ignore me

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