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    successful data roaming in canada!

    Don't ask me how this worked, but I'm in Whistler, British Columbia right now (just north of Vancouver) and last night I was able to sign on Agile Messenger at 1xRTT while roaming. Text Messaging works flawlessly also
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    Wow- pretty cool. Hopefully we will hear more success stories like this as time marches on and carriers begin to make data roaming agreements.

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    there have been data roaming agreements between Canada and the US as long as 1X was a phrase.

    If you are on Sprint you roam on Bell Mobility, if you are on VW you roam on Telus Mobility. Vice versa as well.

    What sucks for Bell Mobility customers is Sprint decided to do their 'own' thing when it came to text messaging, etc. rather than using the standard. So for us roaming in the U.S. text messaging success varies from state to state (ie. works great for me in Vegas, no love in NYC)

    lol you are happy now...wait until you see your bill

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