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    question on my ROM version

    SO i have a 6600 that im using in the US on a small regional carrier called Cellcom. I bought my phone from a canadian provider, Alliant Mobility. The phone came with

    ROM version: 2.04.00 WWE
    ROM Date: 01/25/05
    Radio version: HA00_144
    Protocol version: AA3.3.301
    ExtROM version: 2.04.116.WWE

    So it was my understanding from what i read on the ROM sticky that this didnt come on any phones preloaded? Well its on mine.

    Im wondering how much ill gain by going to the 5.xx.xx version on ehud's site? Has anyone done this and what did they actually gain. Also, is there a more updated version of the 2.04 ROM?

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    rule of thumb w/ rom updates, if it ain't broke don't update. Unless you like to mess around w/ rom updates, hard resets, bricks, and the like. If you are getting some wierd stuff going on w/ your phone then a rom update could solve some problems. If you don't have any issues w/ your phone then why update the rom? Bluetooth stack updates are available as well but unless you need the update you may run into more problems than what you want if you do actually update when you didn't need to in the 1st place.
    So look at how you use your phone, if you need an update, or if you just want to have fun w/ it and roll the dice.
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    There is no working CDMA version of WM 5 and yes you have the latest Rom version in the wild although my 2.04 which is not officially released by verizon shows a Rom date of 1/26

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