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    mobile 5- hopefully not a stupid question

    first to find out what i have
    i am in canada and have and audiovox 6600
    is it the sprint version or verison or what- i assume there is a model number in the phone i am looking for.
    q1. how can i tell if i need the updates on the audiovox site.

    q2. whats the deal with getting mobile 5 on my device (have echange server and am dying for the push email)

    i apologize in advance for ignorant or stupid questions

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    have they outlawed searching in canada?
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    Let us bow our heads, and pray the searchers prayer. Lord, please let these nubs find the search button, oh please lord puuhhlleeeeeaaassseee....
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    Hey - play nice. It's almost X-mas. (Sorry, I've been saying that to my kids a lot lately and it just slipped out.)

    But, since we're in the holiday spirit and all (besides, I have a soft spot for my neighbors to the north...)


    There are a couple of FAQs that should answer your questions. There's a very nice FAQ for newbies: Must Read Threads for Newbies!!!!! and another that gives info on ROMS and patches Summary of ROMs and patches

    They're both sticky. Check there first, search if you have questions, and if you can't find the answers there, then open a thread.

    Welcome to the forum.

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