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Thread: Video Wallpaper

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    Video Wallpaper

    I was reading the manual for the xv6600 and it said: http://img354.imageshack.us/img354/8311/album2sh.jpg

    Apparently, you should be able to use a video file as a wallpaper [confirmed by programs such as this: http://www.gigabytesol.com/anitoday.htm], or at least something like a video.

    Does anyone have any knowledge about this feature? I went through the process of making a 1.6mb avi clip and attempted to make it the wallpaper but no videos are showing up in "album".

    I did search

    BTW, this phone is suppose to have a gps device in it; can you use it without buying outside software?

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    HAH! talk about worthless options!
    i just confirmed that it does work on my sprint ppc 6600 (details in sig)

    and to prove im not just teasing you (and to maybe help you find it if its on you VZ device)

    as for the GPS device in the phone, yes it has one. no you cant access it (unless you wanna write your own app for it or you work for your local 911 office )

    btw, it does save the vid to the today screen -just the current frame.

    and BTW, that anitoday crap only gets old quick (WAY before the trial ended)
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