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    32GB & 16GB Secure Digital

    For those that don't know, 16GB SD will be out mid next year w/ 32GB to follow. I have a 1GB right now and I'm just going to hold off for the 16GB to come out instead of paying $200 for the 4GB. An 8GB will be coming out as well I hear.


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    Normally, I would say that they would never come down in price fast enough on 16/32GB to be realistic, but after reading those articles, Samsung MUST have prices come down to reasonable level if they want SSD's to replace Hard drives. However, they list a timetable for that as 1-2 years, so it probably wont be cheap enough for the average consumer until late next year.

    Still, nice to know about the surge in capacities, and Samsung's overall gameplan. Never can have too much space. And in the meantime, I'll just use orb (and hopefully EVDO soon on sprint) for my multimedia needs.

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