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    Power button does not power down

    I've searched the threads but have not found anything to help with my problem. The power button on my XV6600 has stopped shutting my phone down when I press it. It does turn the screen on but will not shut it down. I have to select the "power off" selector on the screen to shut the screen down. Any ideas?


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    use a phone lock program and set your inactive timer to like 1 or 2 mintues. I pretty much never hit my off button now that I use a program like screenlock and have my OK button mapped to it.
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    I had the same problem with mine one day. It stopped working, I fiddled with it for about 20 minutes, did a few soft resets, then I just removed the battery for a couple minutes, fiddled some more, and eventually it just started behaving again. I've still never gotten a straight answer from anyone as to WHY, but at least it cleared up.

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    I had a "problem" shutting down the screen when I pressed the power button and asked on this forum for help. It was suggested that I was holding the button down too long. My screen would just dim. I now just tap the power button and all is well. I hope that your situation is as easy to solve.

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