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    Need HELP with Bluetake i-PHONO mini BT450Rx

    Hi all, I need your help with getting my first bluetooth headset working properly with my PPC-6600 -- the High Quality Audio works OK, but I get problems if I try to use the Hands-Free/Headset function.

    First off I should say that I have scanned through many of the bluetooth headset threads, the ROM and BT patch threads (stickies), and so on. HOWEVER, I have not had the time to read every single post -- also, I have no prior experience with either bluetooth headsets or using the bluetooth on my PPC-6600 (except for some brief experimentation with BT Activesync and BT file transfer) -- so basically I know just enough to be dangerous... I'm trying to figure it out but obviously with no experience I'm bound to screw things up. From what I can tell nobody else has tested the BT-450Rx with the 6600 -- on the other hand, this is an opportunity for the forum to get initial feedback on the BT-450Rx.

    OK, that said, here's the situation: The built-in microphone in my PPC-6600 has gone downhill fast over the last month or so... the upshot is I desperately need a wireless headset, as the factory wired earbuds are horrible for quickly answering calls with. I've also wanted to start using my 6600 more as an MP3 player.

    So, I got the Bluetake i-PHONO mini BT450Rx for Christmas. I must say, I love the clip-on headphones... the basic design is superb.

    My initial attempts to use it for Hands-Free/Headset resulted in poor audio quality... somewhat garbled audio on both send/receive even when the cellular connection was perfect (i.e. it's entirely a bluetooth problem, not a Sprint PCS problem). From what I've read this is common with BT headsets if you don't have the best BT stack for the headset you're using.

    Knowing this, I did a bunch of testing of various BT stacks and profiles. I hard reset my 6600 each time and installed things like the 3500, 3500C, 3900, and the Broadcom AADP add-in. I had never heard of 3500, 3900, etc prior to buying the BT-450Rx, so I had a lot of learning to do... but, I had copied all my important files to my PC and thus I could hard reset my 6600 over and over to experiment with the bluetooth stacks.

    The results of my testing thus far are: I can install the High Quality Audio profile and use it successfully -- I can hear MP3's fine from my 6600. I don't have the media control stuff working but I don't care about that right now.

    The real problem seems to be when I try to use the Hands-free/Headset profile -- it always sounds garbled, regardless of whether I'm using a 3500, 3500C, or 3900 stack. Also, if BOTH the Hands-free/Headset and High Quality Audio profiles are connected and I try to play MP3's, the sound is all screwed up... it sputters half-second bits of the track every now and then... totally useless. So, it seems that not only is the Hands-free/Headset profile not working, it also interferes with the High Quality Audio profile working. If I disconnect the Hands-free/Headset profile and then connect the High Quality Audio, the MP3's play just fine.

    So, it seems like I'm having a typical problem of getting my 6600 bluetooth stack to work properly with the Hands-free/Headset profile of a headset... I would appreciate constructive suggestions on how to troubleshoot this sort of thing.

    EDIT: Some more info: I can get the High Quality Audio working with my PC as well (I'm using the Bluetake BT009Si bluetooth adapter), but not if I the BT-450Rx is has an active Hands-free/Headset connection to my PPC-6600.
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