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    Radio version the same?

    I just finished upgrading my replacement insurance 6600 phone to the 2.03 Rom Update and was successful but my radio version stayed the same to: HA01_151.

    I thought the update was supposed to change that or was it a diff. update? I remember with my previous version if I am correct that my radio version changed too...

    I did a search and i'm sorry if some people get annoyed with my question but I want to figure out what is correct or not before I install my navigation system.



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    thank you for doing the search first. 151 is the latest cdma radio rom

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    Is 2.03 the latest OEM ROM for VZW xv600 phones? I just got a replacement, too, and I'm having some trouble maintaining an EVDO connection, but my ROM is 1.36. I've been a little out of touch the past few months and lost track...the Audiovox site seems to show ...136... as part of the filename for the update, so I think I'm up to date.

    I checked the "Summary of ROMs and patches" sticky, but there's no real summary of which ROMs are which.
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    1.36 is the last official ROM.
    2.03 & 2.04 are from other carriers and have been modified for use with our devices/carriers.
    Each has its advantages and disadvantages.
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    once again, rule of thumb, if your device is working fine, don't mess w/ a rom update, it does have it's + and - but you your device is working fine why mess with it?
    I havn't done a rom update or updated my stack and I'm doing everything pretty flawlessly. If you are running into problems then you should try a hard reset, then after that try updating the rom.

    Not having done an update, I have a bluetooth network on my 2 computer and PPC at home, browes the web and use active sync via bluetooth all while on the phone w/ my bluetooth Scala-500.
    Why mess w/ this by doing an update? if I couldn't keep a connection or if my 6600 randomly did softresets while doing all this or even just froze then yeah I would then try an update...
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