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    Talking Just wanted to offer a software recommendation.

    I've had my 66oo for sometime now and nowadays i see more of my buddies picking them up themselves. (other pocket pcs aswell) I seldomly have problems with mine that a soft reset from time to time or the overlooked deletion of temporary internet files couldn't fix. =p They're always curious as to what programs i recommend they pick up. I'm not one to name off everything on my ppc but, there is one program I suggest everyone atleast take a glance at. Pocket Tips & Tricks from SPB is a wonderful program. If your new to the ppc, this ones for you. If you like modifying and tweaking your ppc, it deserves a look aswell. How many of us have edited our registry to fool websites into thinking your using IE 6.0 instead of PIE? Why edit your registry? PT&T will do it at the push of a button. Wanting to change the look of your main screen? You can change the colors of your start screen, menu screen, font etc.. with it aswell. Display the date AND the time instead of just the time? Wish to change your low battery warning so your warned earlier or later that it's running low? save battery usage by adding a warning when insering your sd card. Why have it read data off the card when you dont need to? Many other different tips and tricks for you to toy with yourselves. All without having to edit your registry. I myself have been pleased with it and so have my buddies that looked into it. I think its worth a look. If its not for you, you can always remove it. =p

    p.s I'm pretty sure alot of you may already had or have tried it in the past but, im sure some of you havn't. I strongly recommend it if your new to ppcs. Have fun and enjoy.

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    Another good program that does a lot of registry hacks for you is Tweaks2k2.Net that you can find at Handango
    You can find out a lot more about it at their home page also.
    It's a bit less expensive, but has been working well for me for a while.

    I think there was a thread a while back that listed a bunch of "must have" and "must avoid" software. Couldn't find it with a search, but if the mods know where it is, this thread might be good there.
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