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    IGUIDANCE/I BLUE question...

    I got my navi system today and I love it!

    Just one concern, when I use it, it doesn't speak the street names. It just says "Turn Left in 1.1 miles" or whatever and it never mentions the street names..

    Is there a feature to enable this or is this how the navigation systems are? Thanks

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    no way, because the words dictionary would have to be huge. t should recite numbered streets though, thats why I love it in Tulsa because the majority of our streets are numbered.

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    Best thing is to do a search... if you don't find the exact answer you are looking for... you post your question in an exisitng thread on the same topic. Not only will you have an audience with people with the same issues/software, but you have a better chance of being helped.

    If seen people be ignored for just starting a new thread because they didn't feel like doing a little leg work.

    I did a search and all I found was it does have voice prompts. It didn't say wheither it would name streets. Check with their customer support.
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    I just got my GPS yesterday too. Just one more reason I LOVE THIS DEVICE!

    No voice for street names, but I noticed that the bar at the top shows the name of the next road you'll turn on while the bottom bar names the road you are currently on.

    While I have strong reservations against telling anyone to take their eyes off of the road for even a moment (the intelligent person I tell today, may be the idiot who rear-ends me tomorrow), I do find this very easy to glance at briefly and get the name of my next turn.

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