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    help. Expert needed.

    ok. i just an XV6600, and it freakin rocks. i can play NES games, watch movies, even play freakin everquest, i love it. there are only a few more things i need to make my joy complete. i've read teh faq and still have a few questions. i'm sure they are repeats and i'm sorry for it, but i've searched the board and cant find any answers. anyway, on to the questions:
    1. Does anyone know how to find out if their area supports EVDO. i have the phone, but no service yet, so i dont know if there is evdo in this area.
    2. i've got a bluetooth headset and it connects just fine, and it works when i mess with the phone (havent tried any calls, but i get the "welcome to the roaming network" thingy and it sounds fine) but i cant figure out how to make any other audio come through the headset instead of the speaker. i found a "btaudioon.exe" file, but it says "failed to open bluetooth audio gateway"
    3. there's this weird hole on the back just above the battery on the left side and i dont know what it is. i thought it was a camera at first but then found out it's not. i'm thinking it's a mic but if i'm wrong please let me know.

    thanks alot people.
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    1. check the verizon wireless website...they have a list of cities with EVDO
    2. maybe not impossible, but ive spent enough time on the issue to know it probably will not be done within this phone's lifespan. Search for audio gateway or standard audio here and on XDA-Dev, there is a ton on it.
    3. external antenna port. Its fragile. Don't mess with it or your reception will go to crap. Tons of stuff on the site on this
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