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    Sony Ericsson HBH-300 problem with possible resolution

    I had an interesting problem with my BT headset yesterday, which seems to have resolved itself. I thought I'd post it as a public service, in case anyone has a similar problem in the future.

    Some background: I have an HBH-300 which I bought almost a year ago. I generally charge it every couple of days, and have found it to be extremely problem-free. I had the same loose fit/low volume problems with it that most of you have probably had, but a spare Jabra eargel fixed that.

    Back to yesterday. I didn't use my headset in the morning, but I noticed that it was connected to my XV6600. I got into the office, and threw it on the charger. I don't generally use my PPC as a phone during the day, so I didn't pay much attention to the headset. When I looked up after a couple of hours, I noticed that the red LED on the headset was fully lit, which was odd. Normally that LED lights up when charging, but I've never seen the headset take over 45 minutes to charge (after the initial charge.) I disconnected the headset from the charger, and the LED stayed red, which is really odd, because it's not supposed to do that. If it's low on power, it should flicker red, not glow steadily. Even when charging the LED should flicker off every 5 seconds or so. This was a solid glow.

    I tried to connect to my 6600 - nothing. It couldn't discover the headset. I powered off the headset. I heard the tones that signalled the power off, but the LED stayed red! Stranger and stranger. I toggled power several times (hearing the appropriate tones each time) with no change. Thinking that perhaps this was just a glitch, I decided to try to reset the phone. On the HBH-300, you do this by putting the headset into pairing mode (the LED will flash red and green), and then taking it out of pairing mode. I was able to get the headset into pairing mode, but the 6600 still couldn't discover it. I tried to take it out of pairing mode, and it wouldn't go. To make a long story short, I played with the power cycling again, and found that if I powered the phone off, the LED would go solid red (again, something it's not supposed to do unless it's charging) and when I turned it on it would immediately go into pairing mode.

    I wanted to disconnect the battery (in effect a hard reset), but decided to contact Sony Ericsson first to see if it was still under warranty (besides, I needed a torx bit screwdriver to disassemble the headset and all my tools are in STL.) The Sony rep was as confused as I was about the behavior, but eventually grudgingly agreed that it could be a defective battery. The unit was under warranty, so I threw it into a drawer so I could ship it out this weekend for repair.

    I came in this morning and looked at the headset while waiting for my laptop to boot up. The LED had gone out! I powered the unit on, and the LED stayed off, so I put it into discovery mode and voila! it reconnected to my phone and my laptop. It's like nothing ever happened.

    I've got the unit on the charger now. I'd like to see if the error repeats. I'll probably send the unit back for repair anyway; it's under warranty for another 3 months and I'd like them to check out the battery before the warranty expires.

    If you made it all the way through this post, and have an HBH-300, let me know if you've had a similar problem and if you had a different ending. I'm concerned about the durability of the NiMH battery over the long haul with relatively frequent charging.

    If you've found this post via search, are having a similar problem, and aren't under warranty, try my solution: do nothing. Let your headset sit for a while and try again later. I'll update the thread later to let you know if the problem repeated and what the repair facility said about the battery.


    The headset successfully completed the charge cycle after about 1.5 hours and remains paired with the phone.
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