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    Can you Active Sync with over SDIO network connection?

    what all is required to set this up if it is possible?

    thanks fellas.

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    But be aware that you must del registry keys to sync from within your LAN, and add a host entry to sync from outside, whether over wifi or Vision. You also must forward the proper ports on your router and configure both your host machine and PPC for VPN. My apologies for not being able to give more complete instructions right this minute due to time limitations (it's past midnight and I have to drag my butt out of bed at 5), but I'll give more complete instructions as time permits. In the meantime, perhaps one of the local experts may add to this thread, or you might utilize the search feature to read more on this subject. Even if what you read doesn't get you quite all the way there, it will add to your knowledge on the subject.

    I'm going to put together a detailed step-by-step guide for this and post it in the form of a word document. It might take the rest of the week, but I'll get it done and make it available here for whoever wants or needs it.

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