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Thread: Noisy bluetooth

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    Noisy bluetooth

    I've had a couple of 6600s (one was damaged by a charging cable) and a couple of bluetooth headsets (lesson learned: putting them through the washer and dryer in your pants pocket may cause performance issues) and I always have the same issue- unless the headset is close to the PDA (like 3 feet) I get an objectionable amount of static, even though both units are fully charged.

    Are there any suggestions as to how to improve the reception quality here?

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    buy better bluetooth headsets. MANY have lots of static issues. I like the cardo scala-500, I have 0 static for normal use and only start to get static of I'm 10-15 feet away from my phone. There are many threads out there on what devices are good, bad, and everything in between. I went through 7 before I finally found one that was great.
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    I also am partial to the Cardo Scala500 BT headset. The windguard technology filters out the wind and other background noise, asn with 9 hrs of tak time and a week of standby time, it can't be beat. Its also very comfortable. I also have the Bluespoon Axe2 that I use during the daytime. Its very good at pairing automatically and has great reception, volume and clarity. The only probleml with the Axe2 is that it's so small its hard to hold on to. I use a neck fob that came with the Scala to hold onto the Axe headset.
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