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    What should I do?

    well, here's an interesting story,

    so about a 3 weeks ago i call in my deductible to lock/line on my G1000. They said they would send me another G if possible. I told them i would take anything running windows os and had a sd slot. so a week later I get a brand new Treo 600..... So I call up and tell them I have to have windows, they say no problem, and a 6600 should be on its way. so another week goes by and I get my 6600. minus a cradle and other included items. It is obviously a refurb, which doesn't bother me. I call up to get a cradle, stylus, etc... they again say no problem.


    I get a nice heavy sprint package today, and was shocked to find a brand spankin new 6700 never opened!

    now over the last week I have become very attached to my 6600. however, i also love some of the features of the 6700.

    my question is this:

    what do i HAVE to return???? I still have the treo 600, the 6600(minus acessories), and the 6700 (which i activated today).

    I have every intention on sending back the treo. But, has anyone had to deal with the so called "fees" lock/line says can occur? I already sent back my G1000, so they have my original phone like they wanted.

    I definatley didnt ask for the 6700, but I won't complain either if I have to go buy a cradle for my 6600.

    Anyone had any experience with this?

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    Sorry, not a sprint user but, a verizon user. I actualy had a similar thing happen to me. The screen on my harrier cracked so i called it in for a replacement. I was told i would recieve it within 3-5 buisness days. 3 days later i recieve my new phone except not only do I recieve my new phone. I recieve 3 new phones. Its currently been almost a year since then and I've yet to be billed for any of the phones or for my original. I kinda...forgot to send it the broken unit. XD So now ive got my current phone, 2 back-ups and a unit to tinker with =)
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    Not sure exactly what you are asking.

    Are you asking which device is better - the 6600 or 6700, or are you asking us for permission to keep something that doesn't belong to you?

    For the first question, I can say that I like the form factor and larger screen the 6600 offers, but the 6700 probably has a longer life cycle. I suggest you play with both to discover which one fits your life better.

    Nobody on this site can answer the second question. That's between you and your conscience. You'd be better off talking with your minister/priest/rabbi/confessor/whatever... Just don't confuse the odds of being caught with the question of right vs wrong. If you're old enough to buy this phone, chances are you're old enough to make an ethical decision on your own - but face that decision head on. Don't try to rationalize it.

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