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Thread: BT DUN issue

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    BT DUN issue

    I will use BT DUN for light browsing at the gym. It connects easily and works very well for 30 minutes, then wont' send data. The network connection still on, but I receive no data. It only works for 30 minutes. If I try to reconnect, it won't work. Any ideas?

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    1) Need a lot more info than you've posted to give any kind of a reasoned response to your question. No such thing as too much info (what ROM, what BT build, what are you connecting to, what stack is that, how are you connecting, which options did you choose setting up the connection, etc.)

    2) The various BT threads discuss how flaky BT connections are in general. Even if all the other factors were configured and operating correctly, my personal guess (and experience) is that BT would still decide to crap out at some point.

    If you have more (and specific) info on your device, the steps you took to connect, and what you are connecting to (a cellphone, a PC?), I (or the folks on this thread smarter than I) might be able to suggest some things to help. Even if you lose a connection there might be something you could try to get it back.

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    Out of curiousity... what do you have your timer set to for your email to be automatically checked? It could be that when it is trying to check it does something that cuts off your BT.
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