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    What % of these phones is HTC/Audiovox/Sprint or Verizon

    While showing off my wonderful device to a friend the other day we got stuck on the discussion of how it was produced and distributed. I tried to explain how it was an HTC device that is produce by Audiovox and then resold by Sprint. Of course he had to ask what each company actually does in regards to the device and I realized that I really didn't know.

    So, on both the hardware and software sides, what comes from whom? Some parts are obvious, but some are kind of curious. For instance, who actually creates the ExtROM? What does Audiovox actually do to/with the device? Does HTC just mass produce basic shells that are then sold off to Audiovox, Siemens, etc.? Hopefully someone out there can give us an educational rundown of the birth of these devices.
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    I will give you a fairly lose description of what I know about it from spending 4 years on this forum. There are people that are in the industry that can explain it better, so I will concede that I'm wrong if they correct me on a point. First off, HTC is huge. They have made most of the Compaq and now HP iPAQs for years. They now make all the Treos I believe. They have made most of the high volume widely used PDAPhones, except for maybe Samsung and RIM who have made a few also. So, HTC is in the business of OEMing PDA type devices. Nothing new about that. Microsoft obviously makes the OS for the ones you are talking about, but HTC makes PDAPhones that use other OS platforms as well. So you then have a prototype device. They will then pitch the device to the carriers. If you go to a big cellular industry show like CTIA in the US, you will see the OEMs there showing off their phones... some of which are PDAPhones. The carriers are there too. My guess is that in most cases their relationship with the carriers has them also working to build devices for the carriers as well... so that part probably goes back and forth. Once the OEM and the carrier are hooked up, they have to build a customized ROM that is tuned to work with that carrier's network. They may also have specialized features or applications that they either want to, or need to add. So the carrier, I believe, is primarily responsible for getting it to a point where it can go through FCC certification. The OEM and software vendor would participate in the process, but the lead I believe would be the carrier. I could be wrong on that, but I have seen carrier product managers on here from time to time. Then they do field testing. Then they go through a process to release it to market.

    Now, if they want to come out with an upgrade for these things, they have to go through all that stuff again, which is costly for no big benefit to the carrier. So it is very rare that they would upgrade a PDAPhone... not a good business move since they are motivated by sigining people to new plans and selling new phones... not going through costly development cycles on a device that is already being used.
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    Convergent, great post!! I've been lurking here for about 2 weeks and finally registered today. I had no idea of the history of PDA phones, thanks for the history!

    I've had my 6600 for one week. So far, I've set up www.orb so I can watch TV on it (very cool), added Voice command and have purchased a car mounting/charging system. All of my coworkers are amazed at this phone.

    Again, I appreciate the history!

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