i have two phones. one of them is a a920 i just purchased yesterday the other my 6600. i can pair it fine but when i click on the bluetooth manager to connect it says that the phone does not support any bluetooth profiles. i looked at the phone and it says that it supports hsp/hfp/dun/opp/bpp. i think the only one it does not support is ftp. anyway trying to use the dun feature so i can access evdo through the phone but again says no profile on phones.
steps i tried... i have a headset that works fine on both phones. i thought maybe it was the phone and i have a friend that works at sprint tried a demo 920 no luck same thing. was on the phone with tech support all day no luck(got sick of waiting). read punch of post over here and at sprint users.

any help would be great.(sick of waiting for evdo patch)