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    Jabra website-Updates to firmware

    I have been keeping a close eye on the Jabra website for updates to the BT800. When the latest update, 00.34 was made available, of course, I downloaded and applied it. I could tell minimal difference in operation with my xv6600. During the download, I noted the path (url) to the file:

    I was thinking, these people generally have several more revisions as works in progress, so I played around with the URL and changed it to:

    Another download was available. I was excited, as I thought I had downloaded a "new" update that had yet to be released! However, as I began to play around some more with the url, I noticed that I could put in almost any string of numbers after the "BT800_" and the site kicks out another file for download. Here's one that I tried just to see if I could get an error:

    My question: Do all of these different paths point back to the same file? It doesn't seem to be the case, as each different url produces a downloadable file with a filename of whatever path you entered. Or does this mean that the 00.34 verison is essentially the same file as the 00.32 version? Are we getting screwed by apparent "updates" that are a hoax?

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    Funny, I tried the same thing, with the same results. Always gave me a file. After you install, you can to to the "About" option under settings and see that it is always version v0034.

    It made a tremendous difference to the operation of the BT800 and my ppc6600. Faster voice channel opening, actually answers calls by accepting them on the headset, faster caller-id showing up, faster repairing when the distance between them is too large and I come back into range, etc. Works flawlessly now.

    PS. I tried the 3900 bluetooth stack, it was a disaster with this headset. CallerID doesn't work, it pairs as a headset rather than a handsfree, would not see each other, lots of lost calls, etc. The 3500 stack with the 3601 BtCeStack is flawless with this headset.
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