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    PPC clock and night/weekend minutes

    How do you guys/gals know when your providers network is on daytime/night-time minutes since these devices don't pull the time from the network like regular phones?

    I just got a text msg on my PPC 6601 and for some reason now my pda's clock is faster than it was yesterday so not sure what time Sprint says it is (so not sure when 7pm minutes start).

    Just curious how everyone deals with this?!?

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    I use an app that uses nntp to reset the clock (VxUtil), or I keep it synced with my desktop on a regular basis (and have activesync update the clock on sync). Neither will help unless I set my visiting timezone properly when I'm OUT of my timezone, but hey...

    I haven't noticed the clock to be terribly inaccurate, particularly. But I also don't stress abotu when I make a call, since I haven't bumped my ceiling of minutes since I went on F&F, either...
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    I have Activesync set to sync my PPC-6600 to my laptop's clock when I sync. My laptop gets its clock synched to time servers on my work network. This keeps both devices within a second or two of the correct time.

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