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    played with the 20215 update..

    and after running the old rom update it won't go back to the 10029 it was before. if anyone can advise me to get it back to normal i promise not to play with anything else ever again for as long as i live. thanks!

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    step 1:
    get your MSL from sprint. im not gonna go into how since that information is readily available.
    step 2:
    download the 10030 PRL file Shadowmite uploaded in this thread:
    PPC6600 EVDO Update??
    step 3:
    put the .prl file on your phone using activesync (or on your card using a card reader -just get it there)
    step 4:
    type ##775# on your phone
    step 5:
    browse to the .prl file, select it, hit update
    step 6: hit ok then ok to soft reset
    Create DialPad Skins for your 6600 with SkinGen

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    thanks, all is well again!

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